Saturday, December 10, 2011

I couldnt wait for Santa

I noticed the picture from Piney Woods didn't show up. Here it is! Normally I wouldn't do this, but........ I went and ordered a nice craft load that would be my Honey's Christmas gift to me. First off, ALL the neat toys are online and Honey isn't Paypal savey. Second, it's all the same to him, he wouldn't know what to get. At first he shook his head but then agreed he had no clue as far as crafts go. ^_^ So when the packages started arriving, temptation was too much. When I saw these thread holders I was thinking, "Would I ever really use it?" After the latest thread/baby disaster I decided to give in. Oh my goodness, it is the best! No more untangling. I was trying to pick up only a few balls, ironically one of the colors I was on the fence about, was the free ball that came with the holder! And of course I had to pick up a pair of the Starlight shuttles. They hold alot of thread, a little over half a ball of size 20. Wow 0.0 I saw this on etsy, then I found the artist's blogger. My interest was peeked because it comes apart. How neat is that?! By the way her name is Anika. These hair sticks are going to be embellished with tatting. Hopefully now that I've upgraded my cellphone I can update more easily and faster. At least until I get my final gift this season. *wink,wink*


  1. pretty celtic motif!

    wow, what a nice idea in getting to pick your own christmas gift! i know, sometimes men don't have any idea what a good suitable gift for the beloved should be.

  2. I missed the original post that went with the picture of your ornament with the Celtic knot center. I have to say that it immediately caught my eye. Very beautiful.