Friday, December 30, 2011

Rosary moving

The progress on the rosary is coming along fantastic. I'm really proud of it. All that is left is designing a cross incorporating the flowers and butterflies together. Then the final touches of hiding ends and sewing in a center bead on all the blossoms. I didn't add them in because I was afraid of it being overkill. Now I'm glad because it allows me to place the beads down first and see if it will turn out right. Although I've used glass beads up to this point, I'm trying to find beads with a lighter weight to it comes, plastic. I may end up with glass because of the tactile feel and right now crystal is out of my budget.


  1. Oh what a shame you didn't add the bead to the centre of the flowers as you went along. Such a lot of sewing to do. The rosary is very pretty - I love that colour.
    I got round the problem of adding a bead to the centre of some rings on this pattern.

  2. Oh wow, this absolutely gorgeous. Will you shre your pattern? My wonderful MIL would flip for a rosary like this! It really is lovely!

  3. Your rosary looks lovely, I am sure you will find the right beads. and look forward to seeing which cross design you add to the rosary.