Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Cluny roses and headache doilys

I restarted several doilys from different magazines because they were confusing me. It's not that I didn't understand the instructions, more like my fingers didn't obey my brain. So I'm taking a break and starting another rose for my memorial bouquet.

I saw these beautiful roses on the online tatting class and had to try it out. Now clunys and Josephene rings are my arch nemesis'. Still I had to at least try. One good thing is they wrap around one another so at least the uneveness of the petals isn't as obvious. I did have to youtube how to weave the loom, and thankfully I speak spanish so that's one hurdle conquered. If I can figure out how to link stuff from my HTC phone, I'd have clickies to help navigate. For now you'll just have to settle for google and names. The pattern belongs to Carmin (sorry that's all I got) over at the Online Tatting Class. You'll find it in the summer special of 2011. I believe July is the month you'll need to go to.

I think that's how I'll tat...doily,rose,doily,ect.... Happy tatting! I would say Tuesday but I have no clue as to the day of the week. *_^

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