Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hearts doily

Here is the first motif that makes up the pattern posted online by Craftown. The original picture was so small they shouldn't have bothered putting one up. Although my phone's capacity isn't that great, at least you get a better feel of it. Made with size 20 Mocha Swirl Lizabeth thread. This is a piece that MUST be blocked and starched to maintain form. I tat pretty tightly, and I made sure to bring tension within a fraction of thread snapping, but it still needed blocking. Maybe when I attach more motifs it'll help with the flimsiness/daintiness of the piece. Since the picot gauge stated was for size 30 thread, and I used 20, I didn't bother using one since dimensions will be off. Forgive me the grey of the core thread, my hands were dirty (gasp!) and I thought to wait until the doily was completely finished before giving it a bath.   :P


  1. I can't believe that you actually made it, yours looks loads better than my attempt! good job, and thanks for an accurate photo of this pattern

  2. I like how the hearts all show individually! :)