Sunday, January 22, 2012

It's under control

I went in search for a shuttle with a particular color wound on it. What I found was a mess. Instead of heading out and buying yet more containers, I thought to try and make one. I have a jumbo box of Popsicle sticks that I use for mixing. I also have a hot glue gun that I used way back in the days when I made baby memory books. Combining the two gave me a more organized drawer.

I made the slots thinner because I wanted to see what thread was on the shuttle before I picked it up. I tend to get distracted easily. One of the reasons for my many UFO's. I am thinking of finishing this drawer the rest of the way in this same manner. Those smaller containers have yet more shuttles that need taming. Originally, the containers were for holding larger projects 'in progress' and smaller finished motifs. I think it's time to give them over to their original purpose.

My youngest has been sick for a few days. Her brother brought this lovely bug home from school and decided to share. It's easy to say that any crafty moments are during the twilight hours, in which case I'm left zombie- fied. I thought that something that wouldn't require took much thought would be the way to go. Why I thought cross stitching was it confuses me still. I started over three times, but at least this time I'm doing better.


  1. What a fantastic idea! How do you keep up with what size thread is on each shuttle?

  2. I'm color coding the different sections. Right now they're just placed in to get a sense of space.