Thursday, January 5, 2012

Let's get some knowledge!

My son starts his first day of school tomorrow. Pre-kindergarten, because he falls into the next school year which they base off birthdays. And miraclously, he went to bed on his own, no resistance at all. It's only a half day but I know the social exposure to other children will help him out alot.

For my next doily I went way back and pulled out Iris's TIAS doily. I used size 80 thread. Lizabeth color Redburst, and Coats & Clarks Periwinkle. I saw fire and ice. I haven't given up on the cluny rose, but I did have to set it aside for now. Creating the loom is too much for my left hand to manage. Until I can take another trip to pick up a plastic canvase star, it's being shelved.
Back to the doily, I finished the first set and have 3 more to go. The colors are kind of off, sinve it is indoor nightime when I snapped it.

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