Wednesday, January 25, 2012


When I'm down to a small bit of leftover thread I usually do two things; toss it or make a chain of hearts. This brought up the issue of what to do with them. For now, they'll be joined to another ring just to keep them from popping up and randomly attacking me. ^_^
I know there's more out there lying in wait for me.


  1. What a clever idea! I've got a girl who would love a bracelet like this for Valentines day. What's the pattern for the heart?

    The pattern is the single shuttle split ring hearts. Have fun, it's addictive.

  3. Lovely, and great way of using up bits, I make little flowers with mine.

    I tired this pattern but I dont know what I do wrong it never works out as hearts,


  4. Margaret at first it didn't make sense and my rings didn't look like hearts. I figured out that if I make the picot smaller, the 3 DS's make a sharper 'point' so it looks like heart instead of a ring.