Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Vases and spaces

Today included a trip to Micheals Craft Store where I finally picked up some floral wrap and a styrofoam cone. The vase I got a the dollar store. Even though it looks pretty sad and empty right now, I plan on it not being big enough for all the roses by the time I'm finished. Every day I'll see it and be reminded that it wants friends to play with.

Moving back to this months theme..Iris's doily was eaten up by my daughter. I'm glad the thread is cotton, so it will pass through rather quickly through her system. I was going to start another but didn't because I remembered the Yes U Can doily needed to be finished. I looked everywhere but couldn't find the container it was stored in. Then the memory surfaced of working on it during the Disneyland trip. I still couldn't find it. So I began yet another one. And as fate loves to tease me, Honey handed it to me ten minutes ago saying it was in the baby's bag. Now I have two Yes U Can doilys in the works.

My youngest will be turning one year old this Friday. As much as I would like to throw a party and have the whole family celebrate, I'm not feeling it. I know, it's her day, but I just don't have the motivation to deal with all of it. I suggested we escape out of town (pass holders to Disneyland), and Honey's eyes light up like a Christmas tree. Then he said it wasn't fair for the rest of his family. I was kind of tempted to say "So?". But I can't be selfish like that. Tempting as it is.


  1. Which rose pattern are you using for this project?

  2. Stacey, so far I've only used patterns by Ruth Perry and Kim Miller.