Thursday, February 23, 2012

Locked and loaded

Fully stocked up now that my final package has arrived. I only have one small complaint, not with Handyhands but with UPS. It's called tracking because I want to know where the package is. I only recieved two notices, the first saying it was being readied for shipment, the last, 8 days later saying it arrived in my town. No information for over a week and their customer service was not helpful. Normally this wouldn't matter, but this was a substantial purchase..

In any case, it arrived safe and sound today. Now tomorrow can begin my tatting frenzy..(laughing)
The colors are so tempting, especially that apple pie color. I was debating on the thread holder but remembered how my little one claimed the other one, I went ahead and got it. I have two hours to tat between my now mobile kitty and my son's school. Let's see what other hearts I find out there.

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