Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Thread sizes?

Ever buy a ball and overestimate how much u really have left? I do it all the time, which leaves me with alot of UFO's as I usually forget to buy more thread. The problem I had is that cardboard/ plastic holder in the center. It would give me a false sense of security all the time..oh it's still pretty thick, I have enough to finish, blah blah blah. Especially bad are the balls of crochet thread.

The white one is a brand new ball of Aunt Lydia's crochet thread in size 30. I used a chapstick tube and re-wound the thread. There it sits in my Lizabeth thread holder with a crochet square started. The smaller multicolored one is size 20 Lizabeth Jewels. Those two Ez-bobs held roughly half a ball of the thread. There it sits rewound into a ball. It's in one of those plastic balls you get cheap vending toys in. Or even pantyhose, depending on where u buy them. I can get them from my local Walmart.

There is also a comparison of the size 40 thread left that will fit into the ball.  Well maybe not quite. A long time ago, I read that you can use these to store smaller balls (size 80) and keep them clean. Just use a heated needle to put a small hold through the top and whalla! You have a ball keeper. Be careful with heating the needle of course. While I will never give up my Ez-bobs, I'm going to rewind smaller balls like this. It clears up space in one of my drawers and keeps my little girl from unwinding my bobbins.


  1. Interesting piece, I agree it's not easy to work out what's left at times

  2. Very clever! I never would have thought of that! Off to Walmart! ; )