Friday, March 16, 2012

Stop and going..

Working on edgings are more time consuming than I planned. Almost three weeks into the month, and I have made very little progress. The challenge being the pattern I'm working has no true directions. Here is where the Yes U Can doily came in handy. It allowed me to visually map out how to work the rounds. The first two rounds were simple enough to do. A couple of split chains let me climb out without having to cut threads. The next round was a bit more of a challenge. At first I thought to work it like Mary Kinor's Black magic pattern since the fans look like the same basic concept. But this turned out to not work. Then I thought, well the next simple solutions is to make it two more rounds. Have the grounding chains done first, then make the fans individually. I could not see how to make the pattern work at this point continously. I' m still trying to figure out how to work out the fan blades. I hope that after making a couple of them I can find a workable solution. So I'm on a roll then I get distracted. I started untatting the ring when my thread snaps. *sigh* On one hand, I can just cut back to the first wrong ring, on the other, it's more ends to hide. I admit, loudly and proudly sort of, that I will put off working a pattern if it has alot of ends to hide. I will usually try to find round cheats and if none are obvious, the pattern goes into the ' ah when I'm seriously bored' catagory.
I think this is where this edging is soon to find it's home. I do plan to finish this before the end of the year if it gets put aside. I think I'll also work with solids for a while. The verigated colors are starting to make my eyes go wonky. I also need to start make my Mother's day pins for my coworkers. I think I'll use the magnolia from I don't want to use roses since those are for my grandmother's memorial. Even though it's still more than a month away, life is starting to get hectic around here and I'm afraid time will slip by before I know it. Or maybe Lilys? Opinions?

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