Wednesday, April 11, 2012


So I have a couple of the magnolias done. I'm currently trying out the breacelet option. This wavy pattern is available in, as well as many other antique pattern books available for free online. It's a beautiful simple ring and chain motif that is quick to tat up. Now, the colors I'm using are Lizabeth threads in 117 & 606, both size 40. Even though the bracelet can be made faster with the 20, I didn't want to lose the delicate feel to the overall piece. Another option was to make a few strips as embellishments and still attach them to pins or even make them pendants with ribbon for the chain. I guess we'll just have to see how the first bracelet finishes up. One thing for sure is that there be no beading involved. I want these to be as close to all thread as I can get it this project to be.

Then there is my roses that I have been neglecting as well as my tatted shuttles that I have yet to get. Not because of production on their end but rather mine. Twice I have made and sent motifs and twice they have failed to reach their destinations. At this point I'm not going for originality on my motifs, I just want my shuttles made as quickly as possible. Most likely I'll use the pattern that 3L has been trying her new threads out with. Oh, there goes the timer, time to go back to "work".

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