Monday, April 2, 2012

Edging rejected

Here is the other edging I was thinking of using for the hanky. Unfortunately the color didn't work for me. The color changing spacing were too short for what I wanted. I think either a solid color or search my HDT's for one that will work. I have greens I can use that I think/hope will make those flower petals pop out more. My size 80 stash has mostly been used up or passed on. I prefer the size 40 now since my tension tends to snap the finer threads more often than not.


  1. Gyönyörű.....
    gratulálok a 100 követőhöz...

  2. I saw the picture and thought at once how perfect that colour is with the hanky! - what a shame you don't like it. I hope you can find something that pleases you more, otherwise you're not going to enjoy the project.

  3. I thought it looked lovely, what a pity you don't like it, I look forward to seeing what colour you do use