Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy Tatting Day!

On my lunch break and here is my current WIP. It is Be-stitched's magnolia. This is one of my favorite flower patterns ever! I can tat these forever. So I decided to make about a dozen of these and half of a dozen of Ruth Perry's Stargazer Lilys for my mother's day pendants. Oh what chocolate am I indulging in you may ask? My Cadberry creme egg of course. Predictive spell check will not let me type in the correct spelling on my candy. Have fun tatting my friends!


  1. Happy International Tatting Day! That chocolate egg sounds yummy!

  2. I am glad you are enjoying an English Cadbury creame egg, they arrive in the shops here in the uk between Christmas and the new year.
    Happy international tatting day,

  3. I'm glad you could find some time in your busy day for tatting and chocolate. Have a very happy International Tatting Day!

  4. Looks like that flower is going to be very pretty!! :)