Monday, April 9, 2012

Snags to rags

I'm dissapointed that I keep getting these snags with my thread. I was trying to start my project continous thread method but no amount of Thread Heaven is going to smooth this over and make it workable. Fortunately the previous ones I was able to smooth over as I loaded them onto the shuttle. I suppose these are the result of the chemical dye baths they had to go through to get this wonderful shade of grey. Not too big of a loss, just a bit of road bumps along the way.

I showed the two magnolias to a few of the lady coworkers to see if they were appealing enough. They didn't want to give them back! I'm only going to make the Lily for myself. Now that I have the flowers, I have to decide on how to present them. Should I make them pins, or attach some ribbon and make them a bracelet? They are a bit small to be pendants but I suppose I could make some leaves to add and make them larger. All in all, I will need to make a dozen.

1 comment:

  1. What a pain that the thread is so bad, Hope you can sort it out.