Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mounting 3D florals

Playing around with some bases for 3D flowers. I wanted to have it simple, and this is as simple as I can think up. It is an all ring, single shuttle pattern. It is layered, and I put a smaller flower last to give it a flat bottom so you can sew or attach a pin or whatever else you desire to it. This sample was made to the size to fit a magnolia into it. I got so fraustrated trying to find a suitable mount, so I made one. If it interests anyone out in Tatland, I'll write up the pattern.


  1. I'd put a bead in the middle taking the two ends of that thread through all the layers and then through a button. You could tie that onto the button and then tie the button onto whatever you want to use - a brooch finding, a stick pin or anything. Then Bob's your uncle!!!!!!

  2. Nagyon tetszik és érdekelne... gyönyörű... grtulálok...