Thursday, July 26, 2012

Block cross

First attempt has failed. I made the connecting picots on the bottom of the block rings too small. As a result, the main body ended up cupping. I connected the corners because I was thinking I could use it as a base for a larger 3D rose. Granted it's not green but if that rose is surrounded by others, it won't really matter. The pattern I'm working is by Karen Cabrera. Her blogger is Chilean, I think, so while I confused it at first as my version of spanish dialect, her pattern is graphed and she has instructions in english. She also made lots of helpful tutorial videos on youtube. I didn't realize it was the same person until today. Just goes to show you how off my brain is running now.*laughing*
Now I'm off to reload my shuttles with purple and try again. I think I'll actually add the beads the original rosary has in it. They may be vital to it laying correctly.


  1. Looks lovely unfortunately the picture is a bit dark but what I can see looks great

  2. You're doing a great job of my little pattern.:) Yes it is an advanced one, mainly because of the amount of plan-ahead it takes.
    Just a little correction: I'm Cuban, but I live in Miami, Florida. The shuttles I advertise in my blog are made by a Chilean wood artisan. And I try my best to keep my Spanish (language, not dialect!) at international level.
    Keep up the good work!