Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Life in the real world is so hetic for me now. I sure miss the older days when part time was my routine. This new scheduling of my days has cut into "my time" that all of my crafts are now gathering dust.
I miss tatting the most. Even though I carry shuttles with me everyday, I almost never have an opportunity to use them. I did complete another of Mary Konoirs small cross pattern from Tatting with visual patterns. I gave it to one of the girls at work. It was a Thank you for their gift to me. You see, I had another surgery set up and they all pitched in and got me a card and a small gift. She, being one of the newer staff to join us, didn't have any tatting from me. So I gave it to her.
Well said surgery was post-poned last minute, so now I have a week off that I hadn't planned on. I was trying to dust off my shuttles,as it were, but I spent the day being lazy in bed. With six days still left, I'm sure there will be new tatting to put on this blogger soon.


  1. Lovely colours. It's a nice pattern and easy to make up

  2. That is really beautiful with the black frame around the colorful center!!! :)

  3. I hope you managed to get some tatting done in your free 6 days.

    YOur comment about carrying shuttles with you every day, but not getting a chance to tat made me smile. Sadly I am that way too. Where does the time go?

    Good Luck with surgery, is it tomorrow?