Monday, August 13, 2012

Pain in the neck

Not really but here's where I am currently on the pinata. I'm thinking two more rows for the snout, then it will just be another row then the two ears and the upper body will be complete. Well, except for the horizontal tatting. The entry forms as well as the fees are due this Friday. Honey said he'd cover it for me. How sweet and supportive he is. I think he's glad for the absorbtion I get when I tat for something with a deadline. He tends to take advantage and be 'mischievious'.
I'll be glad when the frame is done so then I can decide on the four colors to use for the chaining frills. I'm also thinking of leaving a small opening so a few dollars bills can be tucked in for 'future fun-age' as my Honey likes to put it.

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