Friday, September 21, 2012

Fair-ly discouraging

My family and I went to our county fair today. We all had a great time, for the most part. My day dimmed a bit when I went to see the fiber arts. This year I did not enter anything because of timing from my surgery made me miss the deadline. Sadly there was only 1 piece of tatting out and it was a general display piece one lady shows every year on her mounted board. I've grumbled in past years on how quilting seemed to be the dominant bird there. This year it pretty much took over it all. There were a few crochet pieces. They all fit into two three foot cases. And although there was one display case with bobbin lace, it was all by the same person demonstrating there.
I was so dissapointed by the lack in variety. This sad situtation has strengthen my resolve to get my pinata done as well as many pieces that I can manage to squeeze into other categories.
Gossiping with those there 'keeping an eye on' the exhibits, we came up with a theory on why there was so little variety. The judges there are the same as previous years, and they are partial towards quilting. Looking over some of the sweepstakes entries, we found this to be true. One theme (Cat) there was a beautiful piece were the entriants' photo of their pet was embroidered,there was a photo next to it showing the comparison. They didn't even get an honorable mention ribbon. First place went to a quilt that you could barely make out ANY cats in the fabric print. It looked like a country garden theme.
They judge based on individual pieces merits, not against others, but something themed like that should be judged againts all entries as well. Situtations like this is going to discourage people from entering anything at all. I'm sorry, I'm just griping because I was dissapointed.
No funnel cake because I'm trying to rebuild healthy eating habits. But my kids still came home happy and ready for naps at the end of it all. ^_^


  1. Interesting commentary about the Fair. Indeed that would discourage entries. It will be great for you to enter again, especially to let the visitors see how versatile tatting is these days(the pinata would be awesome!).

    Avoiding unhealthy food at a Fair is almost impossible! Good for you for resisting!

  2. Sounds frustrating indeed! I know about the quilting thing as my sister is one. In the US it seems to be the predominant fabric art in conventions, on the internet, and in the fabric biz.

    There are thousands and thousands of them all over the country and they support a profitable industry. With our little shuttles, balls of thread and buttons, how can we ever gain that membership? Makes me sad...

    Your kids are so cute - excellent pic!
    Fox : )