Saturday, September 8, 2012

Feeling pretty

I was feeling creative last night. Instead of looking for anything in particular, I randomly pulled out some shuttles (since I have so many already loaded) and got to work. I was thinking of something wearable. These mini shuttles have some pretty red/pink verigated thread. With only a little bit of thread on those I went with Ann Burvold's Mini Dragon. Then I attached one to a bobby pin but it was floppy. So then I used the interlocking rings base from Pineywoods tatting( sorry mobile blogging can't get links). Here we have some cute bobbies! I have to redo these in larger thread because my thick hair ate them.


  1. The small shuttles are so cute ans are the dragon and flower on the pin.

  2. You seem to have had no problems with the interlocking rings using a shuttle! Took me weeks to get them right! Rachel uses tatting needles, but I'd rather use a shuttle as it's more comfortable for me. I'm grateful for Karen Cabrera's video!

    That's a cute hair ornament!

  3. Kathy I used Karen's video to learn how to do the rings with shuttles. I must've watched it 10 times until I finally heard the click in my brain. ^-^

  4. Click? What click? am still waiting... 2,123...2,124...
    Fox : 0