Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Habits can be bad. I read the instructions several times before I started. They were simple and pretty straightfoward. My hands betrayed me. Then when I began Frivoles butterfly, instead of leaving thread like I was instructed to, I hid them in the first ring. So when the time came to make the body, I had nothing to work with.
Instead of the split ring I did a regular ring and encapsulated the thread after wrapping it to the bobbin pin. The pattern is by Frivole and you can get it from her etsy shop. Thread is Teenybopper by Yarnplayer in size 12.


  1. They look good to me, have not had time to buy the pattern yet.

  2. i have her pattern , too + haven't started tatting the butterfly.

    i will have to pay close attention to detail