Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tat-a-long times two

I decided to start over with verigated thread. I don't have any info on the thread because it was already wound on a pair of shuttles. I looked over my balls and could not find a match. I did however find all my balls of Lizabeth thread were missing their info cards. Looks like my daughter got into them again. It suprises me on how she manages to do this without anyone noticing.
I like the look of this colorway. It reminds me of Yarnplayer's Parchment thread. But I used that all up already. Anyways, I give you my newer version in Sepia. The final round is throwing me off. I'm debating doing the trefoils as a seperate element. I hesitate because up to now, it is all continous. I have not cut thread at all. I definately improved the use of split chains while making this doily.


  1. Lovely progress! I wonder if the thread is 'Root Beer Float' (Lizbeth). Then again, I might just be thinking that because I've been craving a float since I thought someone else had used that thread, so it might just be my brain screaming that I have some vanilla ice cream and a bottle of Root Beer waiting for some attention. ;-)

    Stephanie Grace

  2. Looking good as far, the picture was so dark for me to try nd tell you what the thread might be.

  3. Beautiful! I finish my Lace Mat and like you, really got a work out on split rings! I did the last row, with s/r's also (the clovers) that was a learning experience for sure!