Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Added to my collection

Rarely do I keep my own tatting. Sharing and spreading tatting in the world gives me the same sense of satisfaction as forming the piece. Having finished the Tat-a-long hosted by Jon , I decided it was going to join my little personal collection. I figured out thread size on my piece is 40. Still no color name. It was suggested maybe it was Rootbeer Float by Lizabeth threads. I have that colorway in 20 but it doesn't match,exactly. There is a more orange-ish tint to some of the thread that the one I used doesn't have. But it is a close match. I ordered a ball of Latte Foam that I think may be the color. If that doesn't match up, then I have to conclude it was Yarnplayer's Parchment. Either way, this matt is lively and it's mine.

I never gave much thought to lighting conditions when I take pictures. I never realized they showed up so dark on my blogger until I actually looked on a computer. I do alot of mobile blogging and I suppose my phone's screen is naturally brighter. Now I will make an effort to take them in natural (sunlight) as well as indoor light.

I only lighted misted the finish matt with water. I put off actually blocking until I give it away. Since it will stay with me I see no reason to block. Oh look it made friends with the YesUCan doily and Yarnplayer's Arches doily. They are so intrigued by his nuetral color, together they have such harmony. Making friends is nice.


  1. Why not keep for yourself, that's what I am planning to do with mine like you I rarely keep anything.
    Lovely colours but I don't have any idea what the colour is called.