Thursday, October 4, 2012

Guilt payment Part 1

My first half of my thread replacement arrived today. A few months back my daughter got away from my Honey and seriously depleted my thread stash. It was agreed that I be allowed to replace said stash plus get a few extras as way of apology. I was going to get the peacock book everyone was raving about (still might birthday is 2 weeks away) but decided to stretch my dollar, as it were.
I got some shuttles because I gave a couple of my favorites away to a new tatter, to start them off. Then I remembered my Mother-in-law asked for a rosary in purple. The Purple Marble is so gorgeous! Also the Latte Foam does not match my mat. Looks like I need to buy some more thread from Marliee soon.
The black book by Anne Dyer I had to get because the title called me. To boldly go where no shuttle has gone before...come on it's challenging me, I couldn't say no. The other is by Karey Solomon. I saw Fox make a motif who's shape intrigued me.
I wasn't sure which of Kareys books it was but as luck would have it, I picked the right one!
Links will be added when I get to a computer.

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  1. Well done, I am sure you will like the peacock book, I have the thread to tat the peacock but I have other things to do first,
    It's nice to get new bits I hope you enjoy your birthday presents