Monday, October 8, 2012

Pop my eyeballs

I bought some really bright neon green thread months ago. For months it lay there silent, content in my thread box. I had the sudden urge to use it. It began with a small ring, next thing I know Anne's Dragon is in the process of being born!

I began Karen's Black rosary again. I started to feel the not so gentle nudge from my Mother in law to finish it. I had the medallion finished and was going to my local Micheal's to get beads in the appropriate colors. When I got home the piece was missing and half the ball of the Purple Marble is gone! My Kat strikes again. Since there isn't much left, I started the Partytime Doily from Reita Weiss. It's also can be found in several foreign tatting books as well as Star 66 Heirloom edition. The Star book is available for free in the Antique Pattern Directory.


  1. Your green thread looks bright and gay, looks great in a Greco

    Your new doily is looking good so far.

  2. Great dragon!!! :)
    Pretty start on the next project!! :)