Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Under it all

Not feeling too well these past days. Today was one of the uglier days. I tried to stay awake but it was too difficult when my body didn't want to play. I tried crocheting some more on my Kitty's caplet but I could not focus. Then I went to pick up shuttles but they felt too heavy in my hands. Instead I fingered some half finished projects, mentally working on them. One is the dodad piece. I began using the base from Pineywoods, then quickly forgot what I was doing. I ended up adding beads in a weird upside down way. Pretty though. I may just add a few more rounds then try inserting it into the plastic ornament.


  1. Hope you soon feel better, our bodies and minds have ways of telling us not to play they want to do other thing like rest.

  2. That piece looks really wonderful!! :)

  3. That is so pretty! Love the darker colours with the beads and the doodad.

    Fell better soon!
    Fox : )