Thursday, November 29, 2012


There are few words that can adequitely describe this past weekend. Crazy sounds right. Between it all and my phone dying...I'm just glad it's over. Now with my newly replaced smartphone I can finally update my blogger. I did get a bit of tatting in along with starting a new crochet project.
There was the first turn on the mat. As Fate would have it, this is staying with me afterall. Since it's once again a guilty pleasure, I have motivation to finish it faster.
I began to make gifts to my coworkers. I had one snowflake done in the purple marble from Lizabeth but the Kat strikes again. She doesn't want to give it up. I thought to replace it with a Burda pattern in the same color. I began that flake backwards because I'm using a smaller thread so the bare thread sizing isn't going to match up. On the other snowflake, it still has the ends hanging out. I'm just being lazy and waiting until all the tatting is finished before hiding ends. The finish pattern is from Renulek (?) . I have to find the web link to give proper credit.


  1. Love your mat and snowflake!!! :)

  2. Wow, the purple snowflake is stunning! It's an innovative color choice for that motif.

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