Thursday, November 15, 2012

Here I am beginning yet another project before I finish the previous ones. This little one is the start of my gifts for my coworkers. I asked what they would prefer to receive, an ornament for their tree or a bookmark. Most preferred the bookmarks. This first one is a practice run. It is being made with vintage size 80 Coats & Clark thread. Maybe this orange is a bit bright but it was what I had on hand already loaded into my Clovers. I had forgotten how sensitive size 80 thread can be. Or maybe it's just that these are old threads being used. I have to keep my tension level fairly lax or risk snapping thread. It does tempt me to buy a cone of this size thread and start some dyeing. One project at a time..too many UFO's already. This is one of Jane's patterns. I want to do a few more flower clusters then do the second round.