Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Request and Demands

I began my bookmarks with Mary Konior's Black Magic pattern. I was finishing it up, hiding the threads, while at work, and it caught the eye of a visiting member of the staff. It quickly found a new home across the continent from me.
Then I pulled out my back ups and started a mat that I wanted for my table. It too has been "tagged" by another coworker that I would never have guessed was into lace. Maybe it was the color that caught his eye. I told him he won't get it until after the New Year and he was okay with that. I think I should charge him the cost of replacing my thread though. Now I begin again on the bookmarks.Working them is going to be a challenge. Tis the season of crazy, long, and exhausting hours in my world. Don't misunderstand me,I love my job, it suits me. It's just that scheduling is challenging with two toddlers and Honey being trained for his new position in his company. I'll just have to sneak in tatting times here & there.
My son  greeted me with his hand painted turkeys. Gotta love them when they're this small and cute.


  1. Lovely bookmark, why not charge him for the bookmark, after all he asked for one and they cant have everything free in life.

  2. If you are using LOTS of thread for anyone for whom you did not originally intend a present, you definitely need to charge "thread replacement" costs. It is kind of you to give your tatting away "on request," but saying "no" or "I'll make you one for $xx if you are interested" keeps folks from taking your hard work for granted.

  3. Tatting looks nice!! :) And the turkeys are sweet!!! :)