Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Just another quick update on the doily. I have now finished row five and I'd be content to finish here. But it's the outermost row that drew my eye so I have to keep going. We are halfway done. The next row has individual motifs so it's going to have a lot of ends to hide. After that it's row after row of ring and chains. This would be easier if it were one color, and should I ever be crazy enough to make it again, it will be. I'm sure there'd be ways to avoid a lot of ends to hide that way.

And a random picture from my son's school trip. ^_^


  1. have you tried frivoles hiding end in a could help you hide your ends :)

  2. No I haven't. Thanks for the tip.

  3. Lovely picture of your son, thanks for sharing it.
    Lovely mat, have you got much more to do

  4. This is an amazing doily and so exciting in these colors! That would be too much work for me. I admire your perseverance!