Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Lock and Load them!

Hello Tatland!
I have missed all of you so much. With the holidays now mostly over I have time to spend catching up on all that I've missed since..November..*laughing* There have been so many pretty things on my Reader that it has prompted me to dust off my shuttles! One main thing is Jane's newest TIAS..ooh it starts this Friday? I can hardly wait! The other is Jan's newest book. I want to get it. The downside..I promised myself that this year I will not indulge until I have finished the previous project. No more UFO's. So to mentally justify this purchase, I told myself *shaking finger at little me* You must complete at least four items from his book that you already have. Snowflakes do not count.Once that has been done then I can purchase his new book.

I haven't spent my entire time craft free. I was mostly crocheting some trials since crochet goes by much faster. I did some practice pieces from YouTube tutorials I found, mostly in spanish but the stitches are pretty and not complicated. I have most of those memorized so I can pick up whenever. I did have me thinking that I could use my bobbin shuttles to crochet with. I mean I already have the hook built in and I also have a ball holder as well. It would only work on small projects with smaller sized thread.

I'll post pictures on what I'm working on, next update. I haven't taken any pictures so I must go do that.

Happy Tatting Tea Tuesday!

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