Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Progress Report

Still working on the Jan Doily. Even though the gift reciepiant already had her retirement party. She loves Doilys, so told me she wouldn't mind waiting for me to finish. This is why my tatting is for personal satisfaction for me and not monetary gain. I would long be broke before I made my deadlines. I feel a bit bad so I'm going to make another of the Mat that Jon hosted to make up for the delay.

My internet is finally up and stable but now my computer decided it needed a break. Looks like mobile blogging with pictures not matching up to the paragraphs for a while. I could've had it fixed but we decided to go out of town for the day instead. I honestly can say I don't mind waiting on the computer. I did download Jane's TIAS and I hope to get started tomorrow. My son has a field trip and there's bound to be downtime in there...somewhere. How can a person have no time but can't explain where it goes? When I figure it out, I'll share the secret.