Monday, January 14, 2013


I love seeing everyone's little projets from Jan's new book. A few had me questioning if I'd seen them before. One was obviously Queen of Hearts and I've read there is credit given. Another is a square motif that strongly reminds me of one of Jon's patterns. The difference being those second set of rings prior to the clover point. It has me in doubts about purchasing his new book.

I immensly enjoy his first book. Here is my current progress on one of his patterns.Maybe his designs aren't meant to be tatted with variegated thread, or may it's too soon to tell. This is a gift for a friend who is retiring in a couple of weeks.I'm worried if the colors don't work out that I won't have time to make anything else. Time to push my shuttles into overdrive again.

Yesterday was my little Kat's second birthday. We spent four hours at John's Incredible Pizza Company! I could hardly believe we spent that much time there. The kids had fun, we all ate good and decided to save our tickets for larger prizes on another trip. My son's and husband's birthdays are in a couple of weeks. We decided to take a birthday Disney trip to celebrate everyones birthday on a grand style.

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