Monday, February 18, 2013

Rain clouds falling on my head..

I was feeling kinda down these past few days so I took in some retail therapy. I got some add ons and picked up some size 10 crochet thread. YouTube is such a bad influence and distraction.

I did find these cute little flower charms. They are made of acrylic so they are super light and I would think good for tatting with finer threads. I also found some coiless safety pins for those beading hold moments. My favorites are these buttons. The plastic ones I can shave/cut the stopper off and attach through the filigree on the sides. I love filigree work. I also picked up some strings of glass beads on bright purple.

I haven't worked on the big Jan Doily at all. We shamelessly took the kids to Disneyland and went crazy there. It was to distract from the stress of moving that will happen in the very near future. Just like our daughter and her shoes, we have out grown our home.

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