Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Starting again

I finally got most of our moving done. Only wall decorations left to do. It is so stressful moving. I thought to relax by tatting. Mistake! Not only did I join wrong several times but I also made  mistakes with a medallion. Time to stop before I have to cut more threads.


  1. Ah, I know how you feel as I was tatting the huge Honey Napkin when I moved - and I do not have young children at home!

    It will all work out! Honest!
    Fox : )

  2. Not easy to try and relax while moving, I hope the move goes ok and then you can get back to the tatting


  3. I cannot tat while stressed. I tried crocheting once when stressed, changed the tension entirely and ended up with a nearly arrow-shaped afghan.
    I hope the moving pains subside soon for you. It is never fun.