Friday, March 29, 2013

They're spreading like...

This adorable bunny pattern I found on Etsy. The designer's storefront is Tatting Nyonya. I probably should have just bought her book on small samplers. I don't do well shopping late at night. *laughing* I also purchased a snake pattern that I'm going to try and make later next week. The PDF directions were very clear and there is a graph of the stitches but they aren't numbered. It's fine for me the rings are numbered so if you lose your place, just count how many rings you've already done.
My piece still needs ends to hide but it was finished with only a few hours to complete. A rare occurrence, since most of my projects are time intense. This was a nice change of pace.
I used size 20 Lizabeth Mocoa Swirl


  1. Lovely bunny, goes well with the other one as a pair.

  2. It must be me, I can't get this link to work either!

    What a great rabbit though, adorable!

  3. Michelle here is the link again.
    I hope this one works for you.