Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Lights, Camera, Action!

I made my first 'real time'  tatting video. A friend needed help understanding how to do block tatting on a particular pattern, Karen's cross that I did last summer. I got to hand it to our video maker's in Tatland, it's a lot of work. It's really difficult to tat and keep the work in focus without knocking over the camera or going from clear to yellow grain. I suppose I shouldn't be making these late at night with florescent lighting. I only completed one of the arms and that footage took 45 minutes! I managed to get that cut down to 31 minutes after editing out some of my oopies moments, like dropped shuttles, unwinding and rewinding thread, also slightly increasing the speed of obvious steps. It took so much more time to edit than to tat. Even then, I have to edit that cut because it's too large/long a file, I didn't notice that YouTube limits your videos to fifteen minutes unless you pay the premium to upload longer files. I am now in the process of saving that video so I can cut it in half and upload into two segments. It's kind of disappointing to have accomplished something only to have to do it again. At least I have the sense of saving the project with its completed edits before chopping it in two. Have I mentioned I'm running on four hours of sleep?

For now I have to leave the computer running and saving as I have to start my adult work day instead of staying home having fun playing with string. At least it will be done saving by the time I get home. Also it's a half day at work so I should be able to continue my project and upload both videos today. Happy Tatting Tuesday!

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