Thursday, May 23, 2013

Practicing distractions

I had a post ready to go live but somehow it was lost. Let's do this week's breakdown. I spent one day making resin molds with the jump ring area made into the mold. This was so I could avoid drilling holes into the finished pieces. I did buy a hand or manual drill to be able to put jump rings on the pieces I have already finished from before. I used a manicure rotary set to do my sanding on the resin pieces.

Then I switched over and made some floral displays to bring some more color into my home. I used the left over stems to make a small basket bouquet for the 'Batcave', what my Honey has named the front bathroom. It's his project and he's decorating it in the Batman Theme. Making the floral baskets took less time than I anticipated so I went in search of another distraction.
 I began gathering up my shuttles and began organizing them. I'm re-purposing some instant coffee containers to hold smaller works in progress (WIP/UFo's). I can fit two of those containers in the side drawers of this table but I think I'll make some dividers for them instead. The containers have lids so maybe I'll use chalkboard paint and cover the outside so I can label and relabel as needed. They'll be going on the bookcase.
 After dropping a Starlite shuttle and stabbing myself with it, I decided to neuter it. I tested the weight of it and enjoyed it so much, I did the same to the others. If you get the impulse to do this and you've never done it before, my advise is to start further away from where the points touch. Like cutting hair, you can always cut more away but can't magically make it grow back if you take too much off. Again I used the manicure tools to cut most of the point off and then sand it off smooth.
Isn't that clay heart shuttle just adorable?
 Then I receive a tatting request via Facebook from a fellow coworker. It's another one of those projects where what is requested is so vague that I'm hesitant to do it. The only stipulation was that I use pink, aqua, and purple in the piece. I had those colors already wound on shuttles. It's one strand of rayon thread. I haven't worked with this type of thread in so long, that when I made a few practice rings I snapped the thread. I was not happy with tension control. I have similar colors in Lizabeth size 40 but they aren't as vibrant as the rayon. I'm going to try once more with rayon and if it turns out to be more headache than not, I'll have Lizabeth wound and go with that.

On a sad note..I'm seriously disappointed with the wait on my Tatted Shuttles I ordered from Chris and Erin. It's been almost a year since they've received my tatted pieces and I have only had sporadic contact and updates after I practically bugged them. I'm at the end of my patience with this and am going to have to request a refund. I was trying to muster up some more patience and understanding but I just can't. I suppose the situation would be different IF I had some contact, maybe once a month. Something to let me know that they were aware of my still pending order. The silence was too much and I have to give up on them. I may just try my hand on making my own shuttles with resin.

My MomCave, craft room, is temporarily being occupied by my teenager once again. Things didn't work out with her roommate so she came back. She told me it was only for a few weeks, but I'm secretly hoping she doesn't leave. I feel better with all my kids under the same roof. Even if they do cause alot of destruction in the home together.


  1. Good luck with getting a refund from them; I paid for a Forum shuttle about a year ago, and never got it - many many emails were sent, and at first they were full of excuses, broken machine, sick child, etc etc. Eventually even the excuses dwindled away, there were no more emails, and I have had to write off the purchase, the money, and the whole nasty experience.
    On the upside, I love the picture of your box of Starlits!

  2. Sorry about your experience with the shuttle shop. I had a similar one, winning a "giveaway" last summer that never materialized. On intatters, there was some discussion about contact information, but I don't think anyone had anything recent from them. I hope they DO refund your money!

  3. It's sad that the Shuttle situtation came to this. I really love their shuttles and even found one of my original "Celtic sized" ones that I broke. I was hoping to have another made to replace it. I suppose I'll have to haunt ebay and etsy for those shuttles to add to my collection.