Thursday, May 30, 2013

The final portion of the video's on Karen's Block Cross was finally edited and uploaded to my YouTube page. I have a grand total of four videos. *laughing* I didn't finish the cross like I have been doing it before. Following a suggestion by fellow tatter, Leeanne, I made the side rings with each shuttle after the block portion. The rings look less stretched and it actually was easier to do this way rather than split ring climbing from one side to the other. The project took less time to tat this way. The only tricky part was joining the large ring of the clover point to the other side rings, but I slowed that portion so you can see how I joined. I believe the technique is called a folded join.
Now I have three of these crosses in purple. I really should finish the pattern at least once, so on today's agenda is to actually do the medallion and split ring chain to turn this from cross to rosary. Depending on how quickly I can get that accomplished, I may just finish all three. 

The Jan Doily hasn't been forgotten, there's only a few repeats left for the current row then I shall reverse the order of the core thread and move on. With only four more rows I can't understand why I keep procrastinating on this. There really isn't an excuse, unless you count my growing attachment to it. The larger it gets the less I want to give it away. Anyone else feel this way with their projects? I know I can make another and it is a long awaited gift, but still....I have to shake that feeling off and keep working.

I also am tempted to test those resin molds I made. Since I have a two day break from work I may just put that on tomorrow's list. Maybe I'll take the kids and runaway to Micheal's to get that sewing machine bank I saw there. Honey wasn't able to pick one up for Mother's Day and I do have a coupon, plus it'll do the kids good to get out of the house....Okay we have today's plan, let the day begin!

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