Friday, May 17, 2013

The Mom Cave

Today was spent getting my new crafting room in order. Since my oldest moved out to 'experience life as an adult', and I called dibbs on her room first, I was building simple hard bookcase and boxes and gathering all my crafting supplies together. By all I really mean most. I think one more five shelf bookcase should be enough to hold the crochet, cross stitch, and resin supplies. I seemed to have 'misplaced' my external hard drive so all my digital scans of my books/patterns are lost for the time being. I only have three tatting books on the shelves right now. I'm afraid to put more out because my Kat has a bad habit of adding her signature/doodles to all books she can get ahold of. I also can't seem to find my box of finished pieces I was going to frame and put on the walls. That one frame looks so lonely there.

Earlier this week I made a tatting video to help a fellow tatter with tatting the blocks in Karen's Cross. The total video is 30 minutes long but took all day to capture. It's crazy how long editing takes to get accomplished. I have to give a round of applause to those who've done these. Karen has an entire library of how to video's on YouTube. My mind is boggled when I think how much time and effort has gone into making those. I had a hard time remembering to slow down and pick the camera back up after knocking it down. Then I kept going out of focus because I had to tat with my hands way out in front of me to give the first person view of the tatting. There is the finale of that particular video piece I have to film edit and post.

What else have I been doing? Well, I've been making short chains of those Minnows and clipping and giving them away. They tat up relatively fast once you have your rhythm going. I want to do the kitty one with some bigger thread. So far everything I'm making is in size 40 or 80 thread. I do have to visit Jane's site and download her sea creatures to make my underwater collage for the wall. I think I'm going to browse Tatland for patterns to make into collages. Tatting with a purpose sounds good.
I haven't forgotten about the Jan doily. I'm just procrastinating on it right now.

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