Friday, June 14, 2013


Here's one of the doodad's I made of copy of. Okay maybe glitter transparent wasn't the best of choices for a first casting, but it came out an exact copy. I plan on making one more mold with two of these in it to save on time because it takes 24 hours for the resin to cure.

I did finally get that yellow thread all wound up and safely enclosed in the capsule. I did the same to the ball of black size 40 before curious fingers got a hold of it. Other than hiding ends, I did nothing with my tatting. One annoying note is that the ends from the second row of the Honey doily came loose and now I can't get them to stay hidden. My options are to either re-do the entire row or use Fray check on it to 'glue' it down. I really don't want to use Fray Check because I don't know how it will hold up to washing. Then again I'm not really interested in working that row again.

Honey and I spent the day talking gaming consoles. We both want one particular game: Kingdom Hearts, that's being released  on the new Playstation4 console coming out in November. I think the price is pretty hefty for essential one game to play, but I'm willing to put out almost as much for the new Pokemon XY game coming out. I gotta catch them all! They're just too cute to pass up.

I told myself no Pokemon until I finish at least 3 UFO's so it looks like I have to put my shuttles on overdrive again and get tatting.


  1. Oh, that's SO clever making the replica doodad. I love it.

  2. Just a quick note on the gaming console, we have a rule in our house, if you want a new one then there must be a minimum of 3 games that are out or coming out in the near future that you want to play on it. This system seems to have worked out well so far and now that my daughter has her own job she still sticks to the decision but buys the game if she wants it badly enough. She may take it to a friend's house to play. Kingdom Hearts and Pokémon are two of her loves as well. Love your work and thanks for sharing.

  3. I wondered how the resin would look when poured into that mold. Amazing to see all that detail!

    My only 'game' is called 'Surfing the Blogs and Internet.' It's an addiction and I spend way too much time doing it, but I especially love seeing all the creativity out there in Tatland!!

  4. You may be able to find sewing thread that is a very close match to the thread on the 2nd round of the Honey Napkin. You can overcast/blanket stitch - VERY CAREFULLY so it doesn't show on the front - and cover the ends that have worked their way loose. It takes quite a bit of time to completely cover the ends with tiny stitches, but it's better than having to redo the whole round. ;-)

  5. That's a beautiful finding, and clever how you were able to replicate it.