Sunday, June 2, 2013


There isn't much left to this Jan doily row but I can't seem to get it finished. After doing the mirror back of this, there are only four rows left. They're the rows that attracted me to the pattern in the first place. I really need to finish this row.
This second motif is something I found in my UFO box. I don't remember which book it hails from so I don't know if there is more to the pattern or if it ends with that small missing portion. By the looks of it I'm suspecting it going to be in a foreign language book. Or a vintage pattern. My storage drive is still missing, we recently discovered my Katalina has a lot of stashing tendencies. In the very back of one of the hallway closets we found one of Honey's game controllers we gave up for lost. Along with her sister's makeup, and brother's various toys. I hold out hope that my hard drive turns up.


  1. The doily is looking great! It is hard to keep going on those larger pieces, but so worth it in the end. Good luck!

  2. I like that little motif and think I have tatted it. This will drive me crazy till I remember what it is! Thanks!
    Fox : ))

  3. p.s. The doily is looking great! Hang in there!

  4. Gorgeous doily!! :)
    Beautiful UFO! :)

  5. Your big doily is looking great, I am sure when you finish it you will feel you have achieved something brilliant
    Lovely motif but I can't remember if I have seen it before.
    Hope the hard drive turns up, nothing worse than an animal taking something and hiding it.