Saturday, June 1, 2013

Pleasures and treasures

Starting the rest of the rosary was a little bit confusing. I think that has more to do to my tired eyes than anything else. I began with the medallion  portion because I wanted to be certain the beads I used would work out. I did have to make the split ring smaller since the central beads are smaller than what Karen probably used. With the size 40 thread, this will end up being sized good for a child. I can't be certain until I finish the chain. One thing I would change is how I start the block portion. Since the block is twice the size of previous blocks how you start is very important to keeping it look tight.
This past Thursday, Honey and I went antiquing again. This time I came home with a treasure. I've never found shuttles while browsing but this time, I lucked out! Honey got it for me. Oh the timer's dinging, so back to work I go.


  1. Smashing find, well done, beautiful shuttle.
    Your rosary is coming along, the picture was a bit dark so I can't see what colour you are doing is it black?

  2. Wow - both the rosary and the new shuttle!
    Fox : )

  3. Margaret, it's a dark purple. The color card was lost. I'll take another photo in natural light so it can be viewed better.

    Thank you Fox. I always appreciate your kind words.