Friday, June 28, 2013


My shuttles traveled with me to work everyday. I even used them a few times. Mostly I've been watching videos and tutorials and reading tips for my next tatting project. Here's a sneak peak:

Hopefully, I will find out on Monday if it will work.

I did finish a round of the Jan Doily. Now I'm pondering on whether to continue the next round with one color or to use two. I may just use the purple because there is another row of just rings that will be in black. I'm tempted to start a different Jan pattern but it's too much commitment for me right now.

One thing I did want to do is join the 25 motif challenge. Could I do 25 motifs in one year? I know I've begun at least that many but have I actually finished that many? I don't know. I've used half finished projects as test subjects for my resin adventures. I can't even go back to count because there is nothing left of those projects. Those that survive are usually passed off as gifts to my coworkers or my teenager takes them. I've even sold a few here locally. Back to the challenge, I think I will join it. Maybe starting off by doing the twenty five motifs from the same book. This way no matter where I am, I know where to go for the pattern. If it's all coming out of the same book, I'm not left searching and scratching my brain trying to remember. It may also be a nice way to show others, different patterns from any one particular book. I know I've often wondered what else comes in a book before I bought it or someone else helped me to get it. This would be a good way to begin my summer.

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  1. Gina, our beloved Tatting Goddess, used to work her way through one book at a time; remember the series of posts she wrote about the designs in the original little DMC book?
    It's a good idea - I hope you will do it too, so that we can all enjoy your work.