Monday, June 17, 2013


No tatting to show right now. My vacation is officially over and the work I left behind is quickly catching up to me. I do have an idea to make my first resin shuttle with some of the buttom molds I made. I'm going to set the cast tonight and see how the first 'blade' turns out before I commit to a permanent mold.

I had to toss the smaller of the Honey Doily away. I accidentally spilled some resin mix on it. That leaves the larger purple and white to work with. I could just start over, but I see no point of making two of the same thing when neither is a gift for anyone but my wall. Speaking of gifts I'm putting the finishing touches on the Anna Doily today. I leave you with a funny picture that makes me smile.


  1. Vacations seem to go way too quickly! Will you put tatting in your resin shuttles? I can hardly wait to see what they look like!

    1. I will be pulling the first blade mould of the shuttle out this evening then making the actual blade. This won't be ready until tomorrow evening at the earliest. Depending how that turns out, I do plan on making one that will let me put tatting into it. I'm going to make a 'dummy shuttle' out of clay to get the sizing figured out as far as length and thickness for the blades. This trial one is close in sizing to the clovers. I want one in between the SewMates and Starlite sizing for my version of 'Tatted Shuttles'. Even though its probably a few months from actual execution, would you be willing to test one out for me Diane? Not that I plan on making a business out of this, but I feel bad for all those in Tatland who had hearts set on Tatted Shuttles only to be disappointed in the end. That's my motivation behind this. I may make a couple dozen total and they ARE time consuming, so I want to make sure they'll hold up to everyday use, as it were.