Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Vacation:Day 3

 Making molds again. I made permanent ones of the keyring from before as well. The top two are domed the smaller two I plan to make 'tags' out of. These I will attach to any tatting I give as gifts.
I found this sketchbook at the dollar store. Now I have a graph of the pattern I'm working on as well as the designer and book information. This should put an end to the UFO mysteries. I purchased a few, knowing my Kat's habits of autographing any books she can get her hands on. Her set of sketchbooks have purple covers since it's her favorite color right now, mine are pink. They had a orange one but the colors were too loud for me to handle. 
One new doily I'm working on is the Honey doily by Renulek. I have two color versions here. The larger purple and white one is size 10. The gold/green/black version is size 40. I had honestly forgot I started the larger one until I went in search of a hook and found it in a drawer. It's a combination of Lizabeth and Omega thread. I only have the one ball of Omega so I'm mostly going to use it for the less complicated portions of the pattern. I almost emptied out a shuttle so I should be able to finish the last portions of Anna's Doily while on vacation this week.


  1. I'm amazed at your finding time to do large tatting projects and also resin experiments, even when you are working! I'm very impressed by your dedication to tatting! Not to mention taking care of your family! Also you are making an effort to write everything down. I wish I had taken more notes back in the 1990s.

    I continue to follow your resin experiments. You're becoming quite successful!

  2. Thanks Kathy. This is my twice a year vacation week so I'm putting in as much crafting time as my kids and husband's work schedule will allow.