Sunday, June 9, 2013


Today started my first day of vacation! I have a week to be crafty or lazy or whatever keeps my heart happy without the stress of work. This morning started with the lazy part, I actually slept in past 8 in the morning. Then I lounged around the house enjoying having a weekend off. As the day progress I quickly got bored so YouTube was my evil enabler. After visiting a friend and dropping Honey off at work, I stopped by Micheal's and picked up some chalkboard paint. I just happened to check my phone, and I had a 50% off coupon I couldn't let go to waste, so I picked up some mold putty. I began with painting the empty containers of my instant coffee and since I had poured out more paint that was needed, I also did the side of a jelly bean jar.
I drink alot of coffee.

 While emptying the containers so I can paint them, I found a few UFO's. This one is from Iris Niebach. I made a mistake and missed a connecting join so that top portion is going to need to be cut off. The actual colors are light purple and lilac. I'm photographing at night again so the flash drowns out all the color.
Then we have Anna's Doily by Karla Barraza. This is nearing the end of the first four rounds. The fifth and sixth will have to wait for me to empty a shuttle. It was worked continuously with split ring and chain climbing. Once that final portion is completed I will only have to hide two threads. Always a happy moment in my tatting world. I do have to make a few separate motifs to be joined in the final rows, so it's going into the 'To finish this week' basket. My Grandmother-in-law recently had her brother pass away. I was making this to help her feel better. Yellow is her favorite color. I was thinking of doing a pineapple doily, but in the end I think this would impress her more.
For those who were curious, here are the three Block Crosses from Karen's Rosary that I have completed. There was another in black but it has gone missing. I blame my toddler, but it could have been me and my memory...

And lastly, we have the fun from last week. These are the rough pieces I made with the molds. They still need sanding and buffing to polish them up and to remove the excess resin deposits. I do like how the holes stayed open even when the resin level was to the top. I will make permanent molds to make more of these. I especially love how the fish ones turned out. I used scraps of tatting I had laying around. The flowery oval one is a bookmark pattern from Jane Eborall. The fishes are the Kissing Minnows from Ninetta. The black and white circular is the beginning of a fan by Teri Dunesbury. The small black motif, I'm not sure where it came from. I remember it was part of a larger project, and that I needed about a dozen of them, but nothing more. I need to get a tatting diary going so I know what patterns I'm working on and where they come from.

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  1. Very pretty yellow motif! I love Karen's pattern.
    Fox : )