Saturday, July 27, 2013

Revisiting the old

Working on my pinata, I realized I have alot of UFO's. One of them writing up the 3D flower base. I never wrote the pattern down, and the one's I finished I gave away. Using my old photo's from this blog I retatted. The pictures didn't allow me to zoom in to well to do a stitch count. I did a few pieces until I got a good copy. I'm writing it up and saving it as a PDF file for download. I have to try and remember passwords to online hosting sites..memory isn't that great...
I was trying to decide if I should give it away as a free pattern or put it on Etsy. In the end, I decided to give it away. I made this base primarily for a way to use the Magnolia Pattern from as a pendant. You could put other flowers in it but it's a compliment pattern for the magnolia. Since the magnolia is free so should this base be. Free it is!


  1. That looks really pretty! What thread did you use?

  2. The 3d stuff looks really good for jewelry, i like that. check out my blog if you get a chance love sharing ideas.