Monday, July 15, 2013

Try outs and a butterfly

I've been using the two shuttles I've made a lot this past week. So far, the small blue heart has worked out fine for small projects. The only real issue I had was in fact it's size. I kept dropping it. I'm not accustomed to working with such a small shuttle and my hands kept 'throwing' it. My toddler had fun mimic-ing me with it though. She currently has it stashed away and is telling me it's hers. At least now she will stop unraveling my balls of thread while I'm tatting.

The longer shuttle has held up well to use. I've been taking it with me to work. The ugly of it is that my thread does keep snagging on the flowers and sometimes on the dip between the hearts and the center. I'm going to have to dome the top to prevent snags but as for the sides...If I fill in the dips it will change the shape of the shuttle to what we've come to expect when we think of shuttles. I've also noticed that the longer shuttle is fat. The blades are thicker than any other shuttle I've handled. I can make the blades thinner, easiest way is by sanding and streamline the shuttle more that way, so when I dome over the flowers it still retains it's intended shape.

I made this butterfly from Marlee Rockley's (Yarnplayer) Boutique Tatting. I love the fact that she took the time to autograph it, it gives it a more personal feeling to it doesn't it?
Okay now for the shuttle testers:
Congratulations to my blog drawing winners! I will be contacting you by email to get mailing directions from all of you. I will be making the shuttles this weekend so I can get them mailed by Wednesday of next week. The shuttles are yours to keep all I ask in return is for your honest opinions. How you like the design, how it feels in your hands, what you'd like changed..things like this. Also if you would continue using the shuttle or would just add it to a collection. I am planning on putting tatting into the center so one of the most important questions would be if it would be practical to do this. The thickness of the shuttle I will be sending will be the final size when tatting is included in the shuttle blade. I want to know if the motif size would be too limited to make it personalized with tatting.

Okay and now for a special last test tatter...

Lace Loving Librarian Diane!
I am sending you one of the smaller blue shuttles to try out.

Edit: I don't know what's up with this new blogger, but I can't seem to find anyone's email. SO will the winners please send me contact info to my email: please put shuttle tester in the message line.


  1. Oh, how exciting! Thank you for the opportunity! I promise to test the shuttle out immediately and give you the feedback you're looking for.

  2. So pleased! I thought I was in with a chance for a change as there were not too many comments (I'm usually unlucky with draws). I'm delighted to give your new shuttle a try. Thank you for the opportunity!

  3. That is sweet that your daughter wants(has) the little shuttle-maybe she will be a tatter some day! :)
    A curious thought here: could you do something like a filigree design keeping your design and adding a thin frame at the "indents of the shapes) so that it would be more shuttle shaped, yet have your beautiful design maintained?
    Love the butterfly-it's gorgeous!!! :)
    Congratulations to the testers!! :)

  4. Maybe you'll offer them for sale later...?

    1. When they've been tested I will be offering them on Etsy. Most likely in September.